In the years I have been in business I have created several websites. My hope here is to consolidate and have everything under one roof, writing, coaching, workshops, thoughts, travel….will it work? By the magic of technology, I hope so. Fingers crossed.

LifeLines Coaching

Rediscover the joy and magic in your life…
Every door conceals a dragon blowing flames, daring you to step across the thresh hold… and yet for those willing to ride the beast, there is strength, courage and the ability to step into a life that you have never dreamed possible

Waiting On Wisdom

Here we are
I always thought at a ‘certain’ age, I would become beautiful in a way that only a gray haired, older woman can be and wise. Well, I have the gray hair and wisdom still eludes me. [read more]

Quest Across Canada

Bringing people together to build empowered communities and a united Canada.

IS THAT TOO BIG? I don’t know. I just have to follow the dream.